Oratape MT80P Application Tape

Oracal’s Oratape MT80P makes transferring vinyl graphics seamless and simple. It is a medium-tack transfer tape that features a clear, siliconized liner that allows for a no-fuss premasking experience as well as a flawless design transfer every time.


Using the right transfer tape is critical for seamless, professional vinyl application. The MT80P application tape is a transparent, PVC-based film that uses a specially formulated adhesive in order to provide serious tensile strength without damaging the application surface.

The polyacrylate adhesive is specifically engineered to work perfectly with other Oracal vinyl products, but it will also perform well with almost any other type of matte or gloss vinyl as well.

The special adhesive does not leave any residue behind after removal, and it can remain on a vinyl decal for several months without increasing in bond strength or damaging the vinyl.

Another important feature of the Oratape MT80P is its reusability. Most transfer tapes can only be used once, but it is possible to use the MT80P more than once. This is a result of the glassine release paper used in manufacturing.

Finally, one of the most convenient features of this application tape is the printed grid pattern. A preexisting grid allows for more precise cutting and easier placement. It also takes away much of the stress of premasking long, overlapping graphics.

Additional Details

  • PVC-based transfer tape
  • Medium adhesive strength
  • Backing paper features printed grid
  • Transparent film and liner for maximum convenience
  • Siliconized glassine paper allows for easy release and reuse
  • Works with almost all matte and gloss vinyls
  • Resists edge curling
  • Perfect for hobbyists or professionals



Additional information


12 In x 24 In, 12 In x 5 Yd, 12 In x 100 Yd, 24 In x 100 Yd

Application Instructions

  1. Begin by cutting and weeding your vinyl design.
  2. When your vinyl design is ready, cut a length of Oratape that fits the size of your decal.
  3. Line up the edge of your tape with one edge of your vinyl, and gently smooth it across the decal.
  4. Once the tape has been positioned, use the flat edge of a credit card or a vinyl application tool to apply pressure in firm, even strokes across the entirety of your design. This is called burnishing, and it ensures that the transfer tape adheres securely with no bubbling or rippling.
  5. Finish by trimming any excess tape from the border of the vinyl decal.

How to place the vinyl:

  • – After you have removed the vinyl carrier sheet, position your design over the application surface.
  • – Once again, use the flat edge of a credit card or a vinyl application tool to smooth the vinyl design onto the surface. You can move from left to right or from the center outward. Remember to use firm pressure and even strokes to prevent wrinkling or bubbling.
  • – When the vinyl is fully adhered, lift the transfer tape away. For easy removal, start with one corner, and peel slowly until the tape is lifted away completely.

Customer Reviews

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Marisol Marrero

Excellent it sticks easy, really good quality, I recommend it, the shipping was fast

Oratape MT80P Clear Tape

Worked perfectly for transferring letters onto my cupboard doors.