Neon Heat Transfer Vinyl – Thermoflex Plus

ThermoFlex Plus is a sturdy, flexible and long-lasting heat transfer vinyl that can be applied to almost any fabric for vibrant, gorgeous projects.


ThermoFlex Plus is a popular heat transfer vinyl that is made from a durable and extremely flexible polyurethane material that moves how and when you do. Unlike other iron on vinyl materials, ThermoFlex has a soft and flexible feel that makes it ideal for clothing, tote bags and other fabric projects that need a comfortable and high-quality touch.

In addition, with correct application, it has a grip strong enough to outlast the life of your garment, which means that your design will be able to withstand anything life throws your way.

The ThermoFlex HTV material can be used on all of the following fabrics:

  • Cotton
  • Polyester
  • Spandex
  • Lycra
  • Linen
  • Wool
  • Cotton/polyester blend
  • Polyester/acrylic blend


Additional Details

  • 4-millimeter thickness
  • Matte fluorescent finish
  • Unparalleled stretch
  • Soft, nearly imperceptible feel
  • Available in an array of sheet sizes for added convenience


ThermoFlex Plus neon vinyl is available in six vivid hues:

  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Pink
  • Orange
  • Deep Orange


It is important to note that, unlike most colors of ThermoFlex vinyl, the neon colors cannot have additional layers of color added on top of them. However, they can be layered on top of other colors for a unique effect, so don’t hesitate to experiment.

All colors of ThermoFlex heat transfer vinyl will also adhere to themselves as well as most fabrics, and this means that it is possible to create complex and intricate designs with multiple colors and finishes if you desire.


Additional information


9910 Neon Pink, 9940 Neon Green, 9900 Neon Red, 9920 Neon Yellow, 9930 Neon Orange, 9935 Neon Deep Orange


15 In x 1 Ft, 15 In x 1 Yd, 15 In x 5 Yd, 15 In x 10 Yd, 15 In x 15 Yd, 15 In x 30 Yd, 15 In x 50 Yd

Application Instructions

  1. Use your favorite graphics software to create your design. Be sure to mirror the image so that it appears correctly when transferred.
  2. Load the vinyl onto your plotter, and perform a test cut to ensure the correct settings are applied.
  3. Cut carefully in mirror image, and remove any film from the carrier that you do not wish to transfer.
  4. Carefully position the design on the desired surface.
  5. Place a Teflon sheet between the heat plate and the carrier sheet. This acts as a buffer to prevent edge damage, and it limits the possibility of sticking when you transfer the design.
  6. Set the heat press to 330 degrees Fahrenheit, and use firm, even pressure across the entire design for about 17 seconds.
  7. Allow time to cool before peeling.


Application Tips

  • – Thermoflex HTV can be peeled warm or cold. For best results, it’s recommended to wait for a short cooldown period and peel while still warm.
  • – If the vinyl does not fully adhere to the fabric after the initial press, reposition the design, and increase the amount of pressure used when repressing. Insufficient or uneven pressure is often the cause of this problem.
  • – To extend the life of your garment, turn it inside out before washing.
  • – Thermoflex vinyl designs may be washed in hot water and tumble dried on high heat without damage.
  • – This vinyl will not adhere to nylon fabrics.
  • – Vinyl designs can be placed onto moisture-wicking fabrics. For the best possible adhesion, it’s recommended to wash the garment without fabric softeners and let it dry completely before pressing.
  • – Once pressed, the designs can safely be dry cleaned according to garment directions.