Flock Heat Transfer Vinyl – DecoFlock Premium

If you have fashion project ideas that need a plush, embroidery-style texture, you can save time and money by choosing DecoFlock vinyl instead. The velvet flocking is plush, luxurious and easy to work with, so you can create anything you’re dreaming of right from home.


Some designs simply don’t transfer well to two-dimensional vinyl. Before, this usually meant that you would have to pay for embroidery, and this can quickly stretch your budget to its limits.

Now, you can turn to premium flock heat transfer vinyl instead. Flocked HTV offers a thick, plush feel and gives your designs a professional, expensive and three-dimensional look.

The Premium line is made with a much denser flock than the Economy line, which means that you can use it for designs with fine details. The vinyl also comes on a high-quality, pressure-sensitive carrier film so that you can easily weed and reposition it as needed.

You may use this vinyl on the following fabrics:

  • Cotton
  • Uncoated polyester
  • Acrylic/polyester blends
  • Cotton/polyester blends
  • Acrylic


This flocked vinyl will not adhere to nylon or nylon blends, and it is not recommended for treated fabrics like Lycra, Spandex, dazzle cloth or moisture-wicking material.

Additional Details

  • Plush, 3-D velvet flocking
  • 17-millimeter thickness
  • Will not stretch
  • Mounted on pressure-sensitive carrier film
  • Can be layered on top of other vinyl
  • Cannot have material layered on top of it

Additional information


White, Black, Red, Royal Blue, Kelly Green


15 In x 5 Yd, 15 In x 10 Yd, 15 In x 22 Yd

Application Instructions

  1. Use your favorite graphics software to create your design. Be sure to select “mirror image” or “reverse” for correct image transfer.
  2. Load the vinyl into your plotter. Because this vinyl is very thick, you will need to increase the downward pressure of your blade to 60 degrees. Perform at least one test cut in case you need to adjust the plotter settings before you begin your project.
  3. Carefully cut your design, and position it on the desired area.
  4. Heat your press to 340 degrees Fahrenheit.
  5. Place a Teflon release sheet between the heat plate and the carrier sheet to prevent edge damage or sticking.
  6. Use medium pressure to press the design for 15 seconds.
  7. Let the vinyl cool completely, and peel when cold.


Application Tips

– Wash and dry your garments without fabric softener before applying the vinyl.
– Wait 24 hours after application to wash your garments.
– Fabrics can be washed and dried at medium temperatures.
– This vinyl is not suitable for dry cleaning.
– If you are unsure about whether your chosen fabric is coated or uncoated, you can blot the application area with rubbing alcohol to increase adhesive penetration before you press your design.
– If your design does not adhere evenly or completely to the fabric, reposition the vinyl, and repress the design with firm pressure for an additional 10 seconds.