Oracal 651 Permanent Vinyl

Whether you need professional-quality commercial signage, unique window decals, sturdy stencils or logos for your reusable water bottle, Oracal 651 vinyl will get the job done. Oracal 651 permanent vinyl is ideal for outdoor use and can withstand water and bad weather for years with proper care.


Oracal 651 outdoor vinyl is an excellent and budget-friendly choice for business signage, car stickers, reusable drink tumblers and any surface that needs a sturdy, long-lasting sticker. This outdoor vinyl for Cricut and other die-cut machines is an ideal option for small businesses and crafters who want to make small batches of custom decals.

While this is primarily marketed as an outdoor vinyl, it can be used indoors as well. Please note that it may leave behind an adhesive residue if used on indoor surfaces, so be sure to test in an inconspicuous area before you apply your decal.

This is a permanent vinyl for glass and cannot be used with a heat press, which means that it is not suitable for textile projects like shirts or tote bags.

It is the perfect permanent vinyl for Cricut and other common die-cut machines because it is mounted on custom, silicone-coated paper that has special release characteristics for easy weeding and seamless release.

If you are looking for Oracal 651 vinyl rolls, we offer 63 colors with a high-gloss finish. The black and white vinyls are also available in a matte finish.

We stock Oracal 651 vinyl sheets as well if you want to complete a small project or make samples of your design.

Additional Details

  • Medium-term lifespan of up to six years
  • High-gloss finish
  • Ideal for outdoor use
  • 2.5-millimeter thickness
  • Available in rolls or sheets
  • Clear, solvent-based adhesive
  • Water-resistant
  • Fade-resistant
  • Silicone-coated release paper for easy weeding and release


Matte and gloss white will come mounted on blue silicone release paper to maximize contrast and make weeding quick and simple.

Additional information


070 Black – Gloss Finish, 070 Black – Matte Finish, 010 White – Gloss Finish, 010 White – Matte Finish, 000 Transparent – Gloss Finish, 824 Imitation Gold – Gloss Finish, 019 Signal Yellow – Gloss Finish, 020 Golden Yellow – Gloss Finish, 021 Yellow – Gloss Finish, 025 Brimstone Yellow – Gloss Finish, 022 Light Yellow – Gloss Finish, 023 Cream – Gloss Finish, 035 Pastel Orange – Gloss Finish, 036 Light Orange – Gloss Finish, 034 Orange – Gloss Finish, 047 Orange Red – Gloss Finish, 032 Light Red – Gloss Finish, 031 Red – Gloss Finish, 030 Dark Red – Gloss Finish, 312 Burgundy – Gloss Finish, 026 Purple Red – Gloss Finish, 041 Pink – Gloss Finish, 341 Coral – Gloss Finish, 045 Soft Pink – Gloss Finish, 042 Lilac – Gloss Finish, 043 Lavender – Gloss Finish, 040 Violet – Gloss Finish, 404 Purple – Gloss Finish, 518 Steel Blue – Gloss Finish, 562 Deep Sea Blue – Gloss Finish, 050 Dark Blue – Gloss Finish, 065 Cobalt Blue – Gloss Finish, 049 King Blue – Gloss Finish, 067 Blue – Gloss Finish, 057 Traffic Blue – Gloss Finish, 051 Gentian Blue – Gloss Finish, 086 Brilliant Blue – Gloss Finish, 098 Gentian – Gloss Finish, 052 Azure Blue – Gloss Finish, 084 Sky Blue – Gloss Finish, 053 Light Blue – Gloss Finish, 056 Ice Blue – Gloss Finish, 066 Turquoise Blue – Gloss Finish, 054 Turquoise – Gloss Finish, 055 Mint – Gloss Finish, 060 Dark Green – Gloss Finish, 613 Forest Green – Gloss Finish, 061 Green – Gloss Finish, 068 Grass Green – Gloss Finish, 062 Light Green – Gloss Finish, 064 Yellow Green – Gloss Finish, 063 Lime-Tree Green – Gloss Finish, 073 Dark Grey – Gloss Finish, 071 Grey – Gloss Finish, 076 Telegrey – Gloss Finish, 074 Middle Grey – Gloss Finish, 072 Light Grey – Gloss Finish, 080 Brown – Gloss Finish, 081 Light Brown – Gloss Finish, 082 Beige – Gloss Finish, 083 Nut Brown – Gloss Finish, 090 Silver Grey (Metallic) – Gloss Finish, 091 Gold (Metallic) – Gloss Finish, 092 Copper (Metallic) – Gloss Finish


12 In x 24 In, 12 In x 10 Yd, 12 In x 50 Yd, 24 In x 5 Yd, 24 In x 10 Yd, 24 In x 50 Yd

Application Instructions

  1. Thoroughly clean and dry your application surface before beginning your project. A smooth, nonporous surface like glass is ideal, but Oracal 651 adhesive vinyl will work on textured surfaces as well.
  2. Load the vinyl into your plotter, and perform a test cut before cutting your design. This will allow you to make adjustments and become more comfortable working with this type of adhesive vinyl for Cricut machines.
  3. Carefully cut your design, and weed any vinyl that you do not wish to transfer.
  4. Smooth transfer tape over the entire surface of your vinyl design before you remove the carrier paper. For best results, use a credit card or window scraper to get rid of any bubbles and help the tape adhere fully to the vinyl.
  5. Begin to slowly peel the carrier paper away from the vinyl. Start with a small area, and check to be sure that the vinyl is completely transferred to the tape.
  6. Carefully position your design on the prepared surface. Firmly press down, working from the center to the edges. Use slow, broad strokes from the center outward to push out any air pockets. Continue until the design is fully adhered to the surface and no air bubbles remain.
  7. Starting from an upper corner, slowly pull the transfer tape down at an angle until it is completely removed. Smooth your scraper slowly and carefully over the vinyl one last time to ensure that it is fully adhered to the surface.

Customer Reviews

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Previous negative review - Retraction

I haven’t use the product yet, but I am retracting my previous negative review about not receiving the product as I finally received it today. I don’t know what happened and why there was miscommunication with the USPS saying that it was delivered when it was not however, the package came three days after the USPS said it was delivered.

Paid for product but never received

I don’t know what kind of scam is going on here because the mail delivery online update said it was delivered to me however I didn’t receive anything. Highly disappointed.

Tonya Ferrell

super fast shipping and always packaged perfect! Only place I buy from!

Love it!

I love this vinyl it has never failed me. Creative Craft Vinyl is a wonderful place and they have the best products. I'll always recommend them!

Miles Unruh
Great Service

Creative craft vinyl is a top online retailer of vinyl

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