Neon Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl – Glitterflex Ultra

When you want to make a lasting impression, you should choose GlitterFlex Ultra. It features vivid colors and unforgettable sparkle so that your vinyl project turns heads wherever you go.


Sometimes, a subtle sheen or a touch of gloss simply won’t cut it. When you want your projects to be noticed, the best thing you can do is add more glitter.

Whether you want a neon pink glitter HTV to add some bling to a breast cancer awareness campaign or a neon green glitter HTV to make a memorable Mardi Gras shirt, GlitterFlex Ultra is the perfect choice.

This ThermoFlex neon glitter HTV is an extremely popular option for crafters because of the wide range of colors available as well as its flexibility and durability. It is also embroidery-friendly, which means that you can add an extra level of creativity and complexity to your designs without compromising the quality.

The GlitterFlex vinyl stands out from the competition because it is created with real flakes of polyester glitter that are encased in a special heat-sealing adhesive. This allows you to get all of the benefits of bold, chunky glitter without the stiffness and heavy texture that comes with other glitter transfers.

The heat-sealing adhesive also means that these opaque glitter colors can be layered, and they can also be sublimated onto with ease, so you can add even more depth to your projects.

This neon glitter HTV will adhere to all of the following fabrics:

  • Cotton
  • Wool
  • Linen
  • Cotton/polyester blends
  • Polyester/acrylic blends
  • Uncoated polyester

This vinyl will not adhere to nylon or fabric blends containing nylon.

Additional Details

  • Opaque backing
  • Pressure-sensitive carrier
  • Not recommended as a bottom layer
  • Can be combined with sublimation and embroidery
  • Exceptionally durable
  • Comfortably flexible

Additional information


121 Neon Key Lime, 120 Neon Electric Yellow, 122 Neon Electric Pink, 123 Neon Coral, 124 Neon Bright Orange, 125 Neon Bright Purple, 126 Neon Bright Blue, 140 Neon Opaque Rainbow Lemon, 141 Neon Opaque Rainbow Lime, 142 Neon Opaque Rainbow Papaya, 143 Neon Opaque Rainbow Rose, 144 Neon Rainbow Baby Blue, 145 Neon Opaque Rainbow Violet, 146 Neon Opaque Rainbow Coral Pink, 147 Neon Rainbow Lavender, 148 Neon Rainbow Jade, 149 Neon Rainbow Aqua Silver


20 In x 1 Ft, 20 In x 1 Yd, 20 In x 5 Yd, 20 In x 10 Yd, 20 In x 15 Yd, 20 In x 25 Yd

Application Instructions

  1. Create your design in whichever graphics design software is available to you. Be sure to select “mirror image” for proper transfer.
  2. Load vinyl into the plotter and set your blade to a 60-degree angle. Remember to cut in mirror image. Due to the thickness of this vinyl, it’s recommended to perform a test cut first.
  3. Weed any vinyl you do not wish to transfer.
  4. Set your heat press to 320 degrees Fahrenheit.
  5. Press for 12 – 15 seconds with firm, even pressure.
  6. Peel while still warm

Application Tips

  • – All colors of this vinyl are thicker than other ThermoFlex products. It is recommended to increase the downward pressure of your cutting blade to compensate for the added thickness.
  • – If the material begins to separate from the carrier at any point, you’ll need to stop and smooth it back into place before cutting to ensure an even press.
  • – Wash and dry your fabrics before vinyl application.
  • – Do not use chlorine bleach.
  • – The neon glitter vinyl can be dry cleaned.
  • – This product has an opaque backing, so all colors are opaque on both dark and light fabrics.