RTape AT65 High Tac Clear Choice

RTape AT65 is an ultra-clear hi tac tape. It is a perfect choice when transferring small or intricate designs.


Clear Choice® is an ultra-clear application tape that provides exceptional performance and versatility for the widest range of sign applications. AT65 is a high tac tape and is perfect for transferring small and fine detail cut graphics and vinyl films with tight release liners. Fine Texture for easy release/unwind and installation.

Textured & Matte Finish
Vinyl Films
Fine Lettering
Textured Wrap, Window, &
Wall Films
Thermal Die Cuts

Product Information
Clear film
Easy handling and removal
No milky residue and water
whitening when used for wet


Additional information

Size Tape

6 In x 100 Yd, 12 In x 100 Yd, 24 In x 100 Yd, 30 In x 100 Yd, 48 In x 100 Yd