Oratape MT95 Clear Application Tape

Oratape MT95 application tape is considered the ultimate workhorse of transfer tapes because of its versatile uses, ease of application and high level of conformability. Whether your graphics are large, small, detailed or simple, you can feel confident that this transfer tape will help you get the perfect placement on any surface.


Oratape MT95 is a transparent, medium-tack transfer tape with a fine-pocked finish. It is polyethylene-based and offers medium adhesive strength so that you can apply images securely but without fear of damaging the application surface.

This application tape is frequently referred to as “the everyday workhorse” because of how easy it is to use in a broad variety of situations. It is well-suited for use with almost any matte or glossy vinyls, and it adheres well for both wet and dry applications.

One of the reasons Oratape MT95 is so popular is because it offers precision application on smooth or contoured surfaces with no hassle. It is also perfect for situations that require considerable adhesive strength because the specially formulated adhesive will not leave behind tacky residue once the tape is lifted off.

Additional Details

  • Clear, polyethylene-based transfer tape
  • Suitable for wet or dry applications
  • Medium-tack polyacrylate adhesive
  • Compatible with most types of matte and glossy vinyl
  • Ideal for precision application to contoured surfaces
  • Excellent liner adhesion prevents tunneling for graphics that are being shipped


Additional information


6 In x 100 Yd, 12 In x 100 Yd, 24 In x 100 Yd, 48 In x 100 Yds

Application Instructions

  1. Once your adhesive vinyl design is cut and weeded, begin by cutting a piece of Oratape MT95 application tape that is the same approximate size as your image.
  2. Carefully position the transfer tape over your image. It is typically best to begin on one side of the vinyl and work slowly and evenly toward the opposite side.
  3. After the tape has been positioned, you will rub or burnish the tape in order to bond it securely to the vinyl image.
  4. To burnish the transfer tape, use a vinyl application tool or the side of a credit card to apply firm, even pressure to the tape. Begin in the center, and work your way outward with smooth, slow strokes to ensure that there are no bubbles or ripples present.
  5. Trim any excess tape from around the edges of your vinyl.

How to place the vinyl:

  • – Once the transfer tape is prepped, slowly and steadily use it to peel the vinyl away from the carrier sheet.
  • – Center your vinyl design onto the prepared surface.
  • – Use your vinyl application tool to slowly and evenly smooth the vinyl onto the prepared surface. As before, begin in the center, and use firm, outward strokes to ensure that there are no ripples, wrinkles or bubbles.
  • – Once the vinyl is burnished onto the surface, slowly peel up the transfer tape. For a smooth, seamless removal, begin with a single corner, and work your way across to lift the tape completely.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Bryan Fleshripper

By far the absolute best transfer paper ive ever used. The MT95 is a thousand times better then MT80p because it actually works. No more picking , pressing , rolling just to get one small piece off. MT95 works first time everyrime. Wasted so much time reading reviews on all other transfer paper with nothing but contradicting reviews and no clear answers to anything. Well heres a clear answer , all you need is Oracal MT95. 👍

Igor Jelavschi

Thank you.Very good stuff