Oracal UV Laminating Film for Printable Vinyl – Oraguard 236

Oracal Oraguard 236 is a printable vinyl laminate film that can be used to cover any inkjet vinyl project. This clear film provides a glossy finish as well as protection against UV rays, frequent handling and inclement weather.



Inkjet printable vinyl requires special manufacturing processes to allow the vinyl to accept standard printer inks. Because of this, they do not have the same colorfastness and resistance to wear and tear that long-term adhesive vinyls like Oracal 651 typically have.

To help with this, Oracal has created Oraguard 236, which is a professional-grade laminate film that provides extra durability and protection to any inkjet-printed vinyl designs.

The film is crystal clear and works on all printable vinyl. When applied correctly, it can prevent all of the following:

  • Color fade due to UV damage
  • Ink bleed from moisture or humidity
  • Ink smears from frequent handling
  • Loss of clarity over time


In addition, it is dishwasher-resistant, which means that it’s perfect for drinkware personalization projects. It can be used on car decals, window vinyls, indoor projects, ceramic mugs and stainless steel tumblers.

Additional Details

  • Transparent
  • Matte or glossy finish
  • Available in sheets or rolls
  • 2.5-millimeter thickness
  • One year UV protection
  • Two year resistance to moisture, handling and abrasion
  • Dishwasher-resistant

The width and length of the sheets may vary up to 1/16th of an inch.

Additional information


8.5"x11" (5 pack), 8.5"x11" (10 pack), 8.5"x11" (25 pack), 8.5"x11" (50 pack), 8.5"x5 feet, 8.5"x10 feet, 8.5"x30 feet, 8.5"x75 feet, 100 (8.5"x11") Bulk Pack, 250 (8.5"x11") Bulk Pack, 500 (8.5"x11") Bulk Pack, 1000 (8.5"x11") Bulk Pack


Glossy, Matte

Application Instructions

Important note: Do not cut the vinyl design from the printed sheet until after lamination. This makes the laminating process much easier.

1. To avoid product waste and make application simpler, cut your laminating film sheet so that there is an inch-wide margin of laminate around the entire design. You need room for error, but leaving too much excess laminate on the vinyl sheet can cause printing problems if you plan to reuse the remaining vinyl in the future. If your design takes up a full page, you can skip this step.

2. For best results, it’s recommended to secure the vinyl sheet to a flat surface before applying laminate film. This can be done with tissue tape, washi tape or clips.

3. Start at the top of your design, and carefully smooth the top edge of the laminate slightly above the entire printed area. Do not remove the entire piece of laminate from the backing.

4. Once you have the top line of laminate laid down evenly, slowly roll the backing off of the remaining laminate using either your hand or a credit card to smooth the laminate as you go. This helps with even adhesion and prevents wrinkles or bubbles. Be sure to work very slowly and carefully.

5. After the bottom edge of the vinyl has been freed from the backing and smoothed down, start from the center of your design, and use slow, even outward strokes with the heel of your hand or a credit card to push out any air bubbles and adhere the laminate more securely.

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Tracie Fread
The best lamination

This is truly the best lamination for your money. I’ve tried a few and I like this one the best.

The best kept secret of sticker makers everywhere.

So glad I finally found a company that offers this in letter-size sheets. It's been quite the hunt. It's incredibly easy to use once you have a technique that works for you. It also doesn't mess up my silhouette's ability to read registration marks if it gets on top of them. My stickers look like they came from a professional print shop! Excellent company and fast shipping.

Sophia B
Awesome for making waterproof stickers!

I've used an entire roll of this laminate to make stickers for my Etsy shop, and it works great. It's very easy for me to apply to my inkjet vinyl sticker paper, very easy for my silhouette cameo to cut, and I've had no complaints from customers so far (I sell about 10 stickers a day and I've been using this laminate for the past month).

First, I cut the roll into 8x11" sheets (the size of my sticker paper). Once I've printed out my sticker sheet and let the ink dry for 15 minutes or so, I lay the sticker sheet down flat on my work table, with the bottom 8" side facing me. Then I take a laminate sheet, and fold down the top inch of laminate backing so that the sticky side is exposed. Then, I lay it down so that a half inch of the sticky side of the laminate is stuck to the table, and the other half inch is stuck to the top of the sticker sheet. I use my finger to smooth it down straight, then I take a vinyl-installing tool/squeegee, and with one hand I peel the backing slowly from underneath, while squeegee-ing the laminate flat onto the sticker paper with the other hand.

As long as I'm focusing and paying attention, I never get bubbles or wrinkles! I love this laminate, it works perfectly for my needs.

Great quality, easy to apply!

This was my first time using this product and I found it easy to apply! It does take some patience, you'll get bubbles if you rush, but the end result is so worth it! It makes stickers look and feel professional

Brittany Ray
Nice product

This was my first time ordering from creative craft vinyl. They delivery was quick and products works well I have only used it on test projects right now but they work well!