Oracal Inkjet Printable Permanent Adhesive Vinyl – 1917

Oracal inkjet printable vinyl is an excellent choice for creating small batches of vinyl decals from the convenience of your home or office. These printable adhesive vinyl sheets are cut to fit standard paper trays, and they are compatible with most printer models.


Oracal 1917 is the best inkjet printable vinyl option for hobbyists, entrepreneurs and professionals who want to create high-quality vinyl decals without purchasing extra equipment. It is sturdy and has a matte, smearproof coating that allows you to use it in most inkjet printers with ease.

The vinyl also has a special silicone-coated release paper, which makes the transfer process quick and simple. It can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications, but it is strongly recommended to laminate the decals before placing them. A laminating film such as Oraguard 236 is ideal for any project that will be touched frequently, exposed to bad weather conditions or left in direct sunlight.

These inkjet printable vinyl sheets are compatible with both aqueous pigment ink and thermal inkjet technology, which makes Oracal 1917 versatile enough to work for almost anyone.

Additional Details

– Matte, bright white finish
– 5.5-millimeter thickness
– Works with most inkjet printers
– Prints vibrant, full-color graphics
– Can be purchased in sheets or rolls
– Silicone-coated release paper- Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications when laminated

-Not guaranteed to work with Laser Printers

Note: If you are buying precut sheets, they may come to you with a slight curve. This is because Oracal 1917 comes from the manufacturer as an inkjet printable vinyl roll. We do our best to minimize the curvature of your inkjet printable vinyl stickers, but we recommend placing heavy books on top of your sheets if the curvature might cause problems with your printer.

The width and length of the sheets may vary up to 1/16th of an inch.

*The discounted sheets in this pack are approximately 8.5″x11″. They are not square or even.

** Free custom slitting available on the 50″ roll. If desired, please specify what width(s) you need it slit to in the “Notes” section.

Additional information


8.5"x11" (10 Pack), 8.5"x11" (25 Pack), 8.5"x11" (50 Pack), Discount Sheets (25 Pack)*, 8.5"x10 Feet, 8.5"x30 Feet, 8.5"x65 Feet, 12"x30 Feet, 12"x65 Feet, 17"x30 Feet, 17"x65 Feet, 100 (8.5"x11") Bulk Pack, 250 (8.5"x11") Bulk Pack, 500 (8.5"x11") Bulk Pack, 1000 (8.5"x11") Bulk Pack, 4"x6" (Postcard Size) 25 Pack, 4"x6" (Postcard Size) 50 Pack, 50"x65 Feet **

Application Instructions

Application Instructions

1. Create the image in your favorite graphic design software.

2. Place one sheet of the Oracal self adhesive printable vinyl into your printer. Be sure that it is oriented so that the image will print onto the vinyl side and not the backing. The backing is clearly marked for convenience.

3. Check your printer settings to ensure that you are printing in full color, and make sure to check that you are printing at the highest possible quality. Some printers have settings that allow you to account for the extra thickness of the vinyl, so you can look online for a guide to your printer’s specific settings if you wish.

4. Before printing, use your “print preview” settings to make sure that your image is properly aligned before printing the file.

5. If you wish to extend the life of your vinyl, cover it with Oraguard 236 laminate. To minimize material waste and allow you to reuse the remainder of your printable vinyl, you can cut the laminate sheet to only cover the image you printed.

Note: It is recommended by the manufacturer to allow several minutes of additional drying time before laminating or applying your decals. Printable vinyl for inkjet applications has a special layer of solvent on the sheet that allows the ink to fully transfer, and the extra drying time allows this solvent to completely evaporate. This is especially important if you plan to laminate your stickers because excess solvent can interfere with the adhesion of the laminate sheet.

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews

I could not be happier right now, I have been juggling back orders at two other vendors on this product where I've spent over $100 just in credit card/affirm interest payments while waiting and being strung along being told it would be in stock, in another two weeks, only to have wasted 4 months spending money on a product I didn't have and no ETA in sight. (They're still out of stock at this time)
I emailed and made sure this was definitely back in stock, as the other vendors also showed "in stock" when they actually were not. Which in my opinion is a pretty shady way to operate. In fact if it weren't for my messaging them after seeing my order hadn't been shipped within the next couple of weeks I wouldn't have even been notified it was on back order.
I ordered immediately after getting a response that it indeed was in stock. it was in my hands two days later, even with my custom cutting request. I may have even shed a small tear when I opened that box.
The price went up quite a bit since my last order, but at this point, it's worth it to know I have stock again.

Ann Ranlett
Works Great!

I recently bought a Cricut for the purpose of creating stickers of my art. Researching the possibilities for printable vinyl lead me to Oracal 1917. Searching for good prices lead me to Creative Craft.

I've been very happy with this vinyl. I run it through my Epson Artisan 1430 & the colors look good & the ink doesn't smudge. I have to "babysit" the sheet as it first feeds into the printer by pushing it down gently as the rollers grab it. Not a deal breaker & I much prefer having to do that than trying to deal with the curled edges of another brand of printable vinyl.

For additional longevity, I laminate with Oraguard 236 before running the sheet through the Cricut.

Kelly Corcoran
Great for Cricut

Tried lots of different products to make stickers with the Cricut. These were the best, hands down. I do laminate them with the matte Oraguard 236.

Super High Quality

Love this! The coated matte finish holds ink beautifully. Like other reviews mention, the backing paper is very thick. The pro to this is that it's easy to peel the backing off of die cut stickers. The downside is that you may need to adjust your cut settings significantly from what you might use with other sticker papers. I found that with a silhouette, I need a blade setting of 7 with a force of 30-33 to get it to cut through this when I have a layer of Oracal 215 on top.

Kassi Kampfer
Great product

Great, heavy duty product! Prints my stickers beautifully! I am sad that I wasted so much of the material trying to get my cutting machine to work.