Oracal Oraguard 210 Laminate

Whether you’re creating an indoor or outdoor vinyl project, you want it to have the longest-possible life span. While Oracal vinyl is durable on its own, you can add up to two more years of UV protection by covering your projects with Oracal 210 laminate.


Oraguard 210 PVC laminating film is a special type of adhesive film that is also known as “overlaminate.” It can be used for both commercial and hobbyist projects of any size. It is also suitable for indoor as well as outdoor use, and it is durable enough to greatly extend the life of your vinyl projects.

There are many benefits to adding a high-quality overlaminate to your vinyl graphics. First, the additional layer helps to increase the stability and repositionability of your decal. The extra thickness from the laminate also makes large or highly intricate graphics more manageable, and it makes future removal significantly easier.

In addition to giving your graphics enhanced UV protection, Oraguard 210 gloss functions as an abrasion guard as well, which is especially helpful for projects that will be subject to a lot of wear and tear. This overlaminate can add up to two years of durability to vinyl projects that are applied to flat surfaces under normal exposure conditions.


Additional Details


  • 2.5-mil thickness
  • Silicone-coated 55-pound paper liner
  • Available in matte, gloss and semi-gloss
  • Soft, calendared PVC vinyl overlaminate
  • Provides up to two years of additional UV protection
  • Enhances the durability of indoor and outdoor vinyl projects
  • Suitable for both professional and hobbyist projects
  • Transparent, pressure-sensitive adhesive
  • Ideal for cold laminate projects but can be used with heat transfers
  • Up to two years of durability when applied to flat surfaces

The width and length of the sheets may vary up to 1/16th of an inch.

* Free custom slitting available on the 54″ roll. If desired, please specify what width(s) you need it slit to in the “Notes” section.

Additional information


Glossy, Matte


8.5"x11" (10 pack), 8.5"x11" (25 pack), 8.5"x11" (50 pack), 8.5"x10 feet, 8.5"x30 feet, 8.5"x75 feet, 8.5"x150 feet, 12"x30 feet, 12"x75 feet, 17"x30 feet, 17"x75 feet, 100 (8.5"x11") Bulk Pack, 250 (8.5"x11") Bulk Pack, 500 (8.5"x11") Bulk Pack, 1000 (8.5"x11") Bulk Pack, 54"x150 feet*

Application Instructions

– Ensure that the application surface is completely clean and dry. Any dirt, oil, wax, cleaning agents or other residue can affect the final look of your project.
– Make sure that your vinyl graphic is completely dried or cured before attempting to apply the laminate.
– Cut your laminate to roughly the same size as your graphics. It’s best to have a small margin of excess around the edges for ease of application.
– Gently fold back the release liner from the overlaminate, and carefully position it so that it covers the entirety of the vinyl underneath.
– Beginning from the center, use a squeegee or vinyl application tool to push the overlaminate down the center. Use long, smooth strokes, and remove the release liner at the same time. This ensures an even application.
– Use firm, even pressure to adhere the Oracal 210 laminate to the graphic, and smooth any creases or bubbles out toward the edges of the project until you have a creaseless surface.
– Carefully trim any excess laminate from the edges.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Exactly what I was looking for

Honestly I found myself here because of a YouTube video with this brand of laminate but they had listed glossy but used matte in their tutorial, so I looked to see if I could find the matte version and this was the best deal! Works like a charm, maybe a little cloudy but that was expected with the matte finish anyway. Will definitely buy from again in the future, such fast shipping too!

Tracie Puckett

I have been using a popular brand of laminate from local craft stores, and my stickers were always curling upon cut. I tried to change every material I was using to troubleshoot the curling problem (cutting mats, tools, blades, sticker paper, printable vinyl), and nothing ever fixed the problem. The final piece of the equation was changing the lamination brand/type. THIS WAS THE SOLUTION. I will never go back to those store-bought lamination sheets. My stickers are finally cutting flat. I am so happy with this product and the fast shipping of this site. Thank you!

Audrey Spoerr
Great product

Just what I needed, perfectly cut sheets and the best customer service.

Rachel Sellers
Exactly What I Was Hoping For

I've been looking for a high quality, matte laminate to use on my stickers for months. After trying multiple types/brands, I finally fell in love with this one. It is so easy to use and cuts really clean on a Cricut. It gives my stickers the waterproof protection that I've been looking for. Not to mention that it is definitely worth the price. I will definitely be buying more.

Georgie Williams
Even better than expected!

I bought this after a solid recommendation from multiple artist. I wanted to switch to laminating sheets instead of spray finish because it would be less time consuming and easier on my lungs. I was expecting good results, but it blew me out of the park. I watched some tutorials on the best way to apply the laminate, and one my first try I did it with very very minimal bubbles that were easily avoidable. And the finish is amazing! I wanted to try this brand because it was the only one that offered matte finish laminate paper, and it was definitely worth the money and wait!